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Embarcadero Technologies

Our Unit Conversion Software for Windows

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The Registered version is different to the Trial version - Registered Users need to download from the Registered Users page.

A Portable Version for use on Removable/Portable Hard Drives is available for download from the Registered Users page.

Screenshot of ESBUnitConv Pro

Screen Shot is how ESBUnitConv Pro looks under Windows 11

Now covers 1141 Units in 41 different measurement categories.

ESBUnitConv Pro Icon ESBUnitConv™ Pro Trial v10.4.1 zip (7,495 Kb)   rar (7,459 Kb) - 11 January 2024- ESBUnitConv Pro is an Enhanced user-friendly Windows Utility to easily convert between units of measurement. Includes Units for Temperature, Distance, Mass, Area, Volume, Pressure, Velocity, Acceleration, Force, Energy, Power, Fuel Consumption, Flow, Torque, Angles, Time, Illumination, Luminous Intensity, Luminance, Luminous Flux, Density, Angular Velocity, Angular Acceleration, Computer Storage, Data Rates, Dynamic Viscosity, Kinematic Viscosity, Electric Charge, Electric Current, Magnetic Flux, Magnetic Flux Density, Magnetic Field Strength, Quantities, Radiation Absorption, Radiation Dose, Radioactivity, Thermal Conductivity, Solid Angles, Specific Energy and Electrical Resistance.

Includes the ability to log conversions, print, improved clipboard support, integrated help and much more. Also support for Exponential Notation in conversions and in the pop-up calculator. Special support included for SI Units, American Wire Gauge Table, Paper Sizes, Circle Calculations, Sphere Calculations and Solar System Comparison Tool. Also includes the ability to hide units if you don't want them.

Unit Conversion Software that is useful and educational.

What's New in v10.4.1 : zip or rar or txt

ESBUnitConv™ Pro Trial v10.4.1 - without install zip (7,498 kb)  rar (6,565 kb) - 11 January 2024 - Same as above but without the Install/Uninstall, just has the files in a zip or rar archive.

Limitations of Trial: Nag screen reminding only 20 executions, printing is disabled, check for updates disabled, does not include electronic documentation nor the PDF designed for producing printed documentation.

Designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and above, and Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 and above.

Still works on Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

The visual appearance of ESBUnitConv Pro has been optimised for Windows 10/11 and above.

This product contains zero spyware Grab WinRAR

You only need to register once - all upgrades are free for the life of the product - so purchase now.

You may also want to consider the ESBCalc Pro Suite - with this you get all the ESB Calculators and Unit Conversion Utilities, including new ones as they are added to the suite, and once again registration is only needed once. Note: price of the Suite will increase as more Calculators are added but this will not affect registered users.

ESBSmallCalc 10.2 Screen Shot

ESBSmallCalc 10.2 on Windows 11

Registered Users also get ESBSmallCalc

Screenshot of ESBUnitConv Pro Options

More Screen Shots

Units Covered

Temperature: Celsius, Delisle, Fahrenheit, Kelvin, Newton, Rankine, Raumur, Rmer.

Distance (Length): Admiralty Miles, Angstroms, Astronomical Units, Barleycorns, Bohr Radii, Centimetres, Chains, Chains (Engineer), Chi (1930), Cricket Pitches, Cubits (Common), Cubits (Greek), Cubits (Roman), Cubits (Short), Cn (1930), Decametres, Decimetres, Earth Radii, Earth Radii (Equatorial), Earth Radii (Polar), Empire State Buildings, Fathoms, Feet, Feet (US Survey), Feet / Inches, Femtometres, Fermi, Football Field lengths (CAN), Football Field Lengths (US), Football Field Widths (CAN), Football Field Widths (US), Furlongs, Geographical Miles, Gigaparsecs, Golf Balls, Hands, Inch (Eighths of), Inch (Sixteenths of), Inch (Sixty-Fourths of), Inch (Tenths of), Inch (Thirty-Seconds of), Inch (Thousandths of), Inches, Inches (US Survey), Irish Miles, Jupiter Radii (Equatorial), Jupiter Radii (Polar), Kilometres, Leagues (UK Land), Leagues (UK Sea), Leagues (US), L (1930), Light Days, Light Hours, Light Microseconds, Light Milliseconds, Light Minutes, Light Seconds, Light Years, Light Years (365 Days), Links, Links (Engineer), Luna Radii (Equatorial), Luna Radii (Polar), Mars Radii (Equatorial), Mars Radii (Polar), Megaparsecs, Mercury Radii (Equatorial), Mercury Radii (Polar), Metres, Microinches, Micrometres, Microns, Miles, Miles (US Survey), Millimetres, Mils, Nanometres, Nautical Miles (International), Nautical Miles (Telegraphic), Nautical Miles (UK), Nautical Miles (US), Neptune Radii (Equatorial), Neptune Radii (Polar), Olympic Pools, Olympic Soccer Field Lengths, Olympic Soccer Field Widths, Paris Points, Parsecs, Perches, Picas, Picometres, Pieds de roi, Ping Pong Balls, Planck Lengths, Points, Poles, Pouces, Rods, Roman Feet, Roman Miles, Saturn Radii (Equatorial), Saturn Radii (Polar), Scottish Miles, Shackles (12.5 Fathoms), Shackles (15 Fathoms), Smoots, Solar Radii, Spans, Sun to Jupiter, Sun to Mars, Sun to Mercury, Sun to Neptune, Sun to Saturn, Sun to Uranus, Sun to Venus, Thous, Unciae (Roman Inches), Uranus Radii (Equatorial), Uranus Radii (Polar), Venus Radii (Equatorial), Venus Radii (Polar), Yards.

Mass: Atomic Mass Units, Berkovets, Carats, Centners, Centners (Metric), Centners (Short Metric), Dn (1930), Dolya, Drams, Earth Masses, Electron Mass Units, Femtograms, Funt, Gigatonnes, Golf Balls, Grains, Grains (Metric), Grams, Hundredweights, Hundredweights (Short), Jin (1930), Jupiter Masses, Kilograms, Kilopounds, Kilotonnes, Kips, Liang (1930), Libras (Metric), Libras (Roman), Livre, Lot (Russian), Luna Masses, Mars Masses, Megatonnes, Mercury Masses, Micrograms, Milligrams, Momme, Nanograms, Neptune Masses, Neutron Mass Units, Ounces, Ounces (Troy), Ounces, Metric (25g), Ounces, Metric (30g), Pennyweights, Pfund, Picograms, Ping Pong Ball, Planck Masses, Points, Pood, Pounds, Pounds (Troy), Pounds / Ounces, Proton Mass Units, Quarters, Quarters (Short), Quintals, Quintals (Metric), Roman Ounces, Roman Pounds, Saturn Masses, Scruples, Slugs, Solar Masses, Stones, Stones / Pounds, Stones / Pounds / Ounces, Taels (Chinese), Taels (Japanese), Tolas, Tonnes, Tons (Long), Tons (Short), Uranus Masses, Venus Masses, Zentners, Zolotnik.

Area: Acres, Acres (US Survey), Ares, Barns, Centiares, Cents (India), Circular Mils, Decares, Deciares, Dunams, Football Fields (CAN), Football Fields (US), Hectares, Homesteads, MCM, Mu (1930), Ngan (Thai), Olympic Soccer Fields, Paper A3, Paper A4, Paper A5, Paper Foolscap, Paper Legal, Paper Letter, Perches, Ping (Taiwan), Planck Areas, Pyong (Korea), Qing (1930), Rai (Thai), Roods, Sections, Square Centimetres, Square Chains, Square Fathoms, Square Feet, Square Feet (US Survey), Square Femtometres, Square Furlongs, Square Inches, Square Inches (US Survey), Square Kilometres, Square Links, Square Metres, Square Micrometres, Square Microns, Square Miles, Square Miles (US Survey), Square Millimetres, Square Mils, Square Nanometres, Square Perches, Square Picometres, Square Poles, Square Rods, Square Yards, Tatami, Townships, Tsubo, Wah (Thai).

Volume: Acetabula, Acre-Feet, Acre-Inches, Amphorae (Roman), Barrels (Dry), Barrels (Liquid), Barrels (Oil), Barrels (UK Beer), Barrels (UK Wine), Barrels (US Beer), Board Feet, Bushels (UK), Bushels (US), Centilitres, Congii (Roman), Congii (UK), Cubic Centimetres, Cubic Decimetres, Cubic Fathoms, Cubic Feet, Cubic Inches, Cubic Kilometres, Cubic Metres, Cubic Microns, Cubic Miles, Cubic Millimetres, Cubic Yards, Cups (Canada), Cups (Metric), Cups (UK), Cups (US 12 Oz), Cups (US), Decalitres, Decilitres, Dessertspoons (Metric), Dessertspoons (UK), Dessertspoons (US), Drops (Thick Fluid), Drops (Water), Earth Volumes, Firkins (Beer), Fluid Drams (UK), Fluid Drams (US), Fluid Ounces (UK), Fluid Ounces (US), Fluid Ounces, Mertic (25ml), Fluid Ounces, Mertic (30ml), Gallons (UK Dry), Gallons (UK), Gallons (US Dry), Gallons (US), Gills (UK), Gills (US), Golf Balls, Hectolitres, Heminae, Hogsheads (Beer), Jupiter Volumes, Kegs (25 Litre), Kegs (50 Litre), Kegs (UK Beer), Kegs (US Beer), Kegs (US Wine), Kilderkins (Beer), Kilolitres, Ligulae, Litres, Luna Volumes, Mars Volumes, MegaGallons (UK), Megagallons (US), Mercury Volumes, Microlitres, Millilitres, Modii, Neptune Volumes, Olympic Pools, Pecks (UK), Pecks (US), Ping Pong Balls, Pints (UK Dry), Pints (UK), Pints (US Dry), Pints (US), Quarts (UK Dry), Quarts (UK), Quarts (US Dry), Quarts (US), Saturn Volumes, Sextarii, Sheng (1930), Solar Volumes, Super Feet, Tablespoons (Metric Australia), Tablespoons (Metric Other), Tablespoons (UK), Tablespoons (US), Teaspoons (Metric), Teaspoons (UK), Teaspoons (US), Uranus Volumes, Urnae, Venus Volumes.

Velocity: Centimetres per Hour, Centimetres per Minute, Centimetres per Second, Escape Velocity, Escape Velocity (Jupiter), Escape Velocity (Luna), Escape Velocity (Mars), Escape Velocity (Mercury), Escape Velocity (Neptune), Escape Velocity (Saturn), Escape Velocity (Sun), Escape Velocity (Uranus), Escape Velocity (Venus), Feet per Hour, Feet per Minute, Feet per Second, Inches per Hour, Inches per Minute, Inches per Second, Kilometres per Hour, Kilometres per Minute, Kilometres per Second, Knots (UK), Knots (US), KPH, Mach, Metres per Hour, Metres per Minute, Metres per Second, Microns per Microsecond, Microns per Second, Miles per Hour, Miles per Minute, Miles per Second, Millimetres per Hour, Millimetres per Minute, Millimetres per Second, MPH, Speed of Light, Speed of Sound (Dry Air at Sea Level), Yards per Hour, Yards per Minute, Yards per Second.

Acceleration: Centimetres per Second Squared, Feet per Second Squared, Galileos, Gravity, Gravity (Jupiter), Gravity (Luna), Gravity (Mars), Gravity (Mercury), Gravity (Neptune), Gravity (Saturn), Gravity (Sun), Gravity (Uranus), Gravity (Venus), Inches per Second Squared, Metres per Second Squared, Microgals, Milligals, Millimetres per Second Squared, Yards per Second Squared.

Force: Atomic Units of Force, Crinals, Dynes, Funals, Giganewtons, Grams Force, Joules per Centimetre, Joules per Kilometre, Joules per Metre, Kilograms Force, Kilonewtons, Kiloponds, Kilopounds Force, Kips Force, Meganewtons, Micronewtons, Millinewtons, Nanonewtons, Newtons, Ounces Force, Piconewtons, Ponds, Poundals, Pounds Force, Sthnes, Teranewtons, Tonnes Force, Tons (Long) Force, Tons (Short) Force.

Energy: British Thermal Units (39F), British Thermal Units (59F), British Thermal Units (60F), British Thermal Units (IT), British Thermal Units (Mean), British Thermal Units (Thermo-Chemical), Calories (15C), Calories (20C), Calories (IT), Calories (Mean), Calories (Thermo-Chemical), Electron Volts, Ergs, Foot-Poundals, Foot-Pounds, Giga-Electron Volts, Gigajoules, Horsepower Hours, Horsepower Minutes, Horsepower Seconds, Joules, Kilocalories (15C), Kilocalories (20C), Kilocalories (IT), Kilocalories (Mean), Kilocalories (Thermo-Chemical), Kilo-Electron Volts, Kilogram Metres, Kilojoules, Kilowatt Hours, Kilowatt Minutes, Kilowatt Seconds, Mega-Electron Volts, Megajoules, Microjoules, Millijoules, Nanojoules, Newton Metres, Rydbergs, Terajoules, Thermies, Therms (39F), Therms (59F), Therms (60F), Therms (IT), Therms (Mean), Therms (Thermo-Chemical), Watt Hours, Watt Minutes, Watt Seconds, Watt Years.

Power: Abwatts, BTUs (39F) Per Hour, BTUs (39F) Per Minute, BTUs (39F) Per Second, BTUs (59F) Per Hour, BTUs (59F) Per Minute, BTUs (59F) Per Second, BTUs (60F) Per Hour, BTUs (60F) Per Minute, BTUs (60F) Per Second, BTUs (IT) Per Hour, BTUs (IT) Per Minute, BTUs (IT) Per Second, BTUs (Mean) Per Hour, BTUs (Mean) Per Minute, BTUs (Mean) Per Second, BTUs (Thermo-Chemical) Per Hour, BTUs (Thermo-Chemical) Per Minute, BTUs (Thermo-Chemical) Per Second, Calories (IT) per Hour, Calories (IT) per Minute, Calories (IT) per Second, Calories (Th) per Hour, Calories (Th) per Minute, Calories (Th) per Second, Cheval Vapeur, Ergs per Second, Foot-Pounds per Second, Gigawatts, Horsepower (Electrical), Horsepower (Mechanical), Horsepower (Metric), Joules per Hour, Joules per Minute, Joules per Second, Kilocalories (IT) per Hour, Kilocalories (IT) per Minute, Kilocalories (IT) per Second, Kilocalories (Th) per Hour, Kilocalories (Th) per Minute, Kilocalories (Th) per Second, Kilogram Metres per Second, Kilowatts, Megawatts, Microwatts, Milliwatts, Nanowatts, Pferdestrke, Picowatts, Terawatts, Tons of Refrigeration, Watts.

Pressure: Atmospheres, Atmospheres (Technical), Bars, Baryes, Centimetres of Mercury at 0C, Centimetres of Water at 4C, Dynes per Sq Centimetre, Dynes per Sq Metre, Feet of Air (0C), Feet of Air (15C), Feet of Head, Feet of Mercury (0C), Feet of Sea Water, Feet of Water at 4C, Gigapascals, Grams per Sq Centimetre, Grams per Sq Metre, Hectobars, Hectopascals, Inches of Mercury at 0C, Inches of Water at 4C, Kilograms per Sq Centimetre, Kilograms per Sq Metre, Kilopascals, Megapascals, Metres Of Head, Metres of Sea Water, Metres of Water at 4C, Micrometres of Mercury at 0C, Microns, Millibars, Millimetres of Mercury at 0C, Millimetres of Water at 4C, Millitorrs, Nanonewtons per Sq Micron, Newtons per Sq Metre, Ounces per Sq Foot, Ounces per Sq Yard, Pascals, Pounds per Sq Foot, Pounds per Sq Inch, Pounds per Sq Yard, PSI, Tonnes per Sq Centimetre, Tonnes per Sq Metre, Tons (Long) per Sq Foot, Tons (Long) per Sq Inch, Tons (Short) per Sq Foot, Tons (Short) per Sq Inch, Torrs.

Fuel Consumption: Gallons (UK) per 100 Kilometres, Gallons (UK) per 100 Miles, Gallons (US) per 100 Kilometres, Gallons (US) per 100 Miles, Kilometres per Gallon (UK), Kilometres per Gallon (US), Kilometres per Litre, KPL, Litres per 100 Kilometres, Litres per 100 Miles, Miles per Gallon (UK), Miles per Gallon (US), Miles per Litre, MPG (UK), MPG (US).

Flow (Liquid): Acre-Feet per Day, Acre-Feet per Year (365 days), Acre-Inches per Day, Barrels (Oil) per Day, Cubic Centimetres per Hour, Cubic Centimetres per Minute, Cubic Centimetres per Second, Cubic Feet per Hour, Cubic Feet per Minute, Cubic Feet per Second, Cubic Inches per Hour, Cubic Inches per Minute, Cubic Inches per Second, Cubic Metres per Day, Cubic Metres per Hour, Cubic Metres per Minute, Cubic Metres per Second, Cubic Millimetres per Hour, Cubic Millimetres per Minute, Cubic Millimetres per Second, Cubic Yards per Hour, Cubic Yards per Minute, Cubic Yards per Second, Cusecs, Fluid Ounces (UK) per Hour, Fluid Ounces (UK) per Minute, Fluid Ounces (UK) per Second, Fluid Ounces (US) per Hour, Fluid Ounces (US) per Minute, Fluid Ounces (US) per Second, Gallons (UK) per Day, Gallons (UK) per Hour, Gallons (UK) per Minute, Gallons (UK) per Second, Gallons (US) per Day, Gallons (US) per Hour, Gallons (US) per Minute, Gallons (US) per Second, Kilolitres per Day, Kilolitres per Hour, Kilolitres per Minute, Kilolitres per Second, Litres per Day, Litres per Hour, Litres per Minute, Litres per Second, Megagallons (UK) per Year (365 days), Megagallons (US) per Year (365 days), Millilitres per Hour, Millilitres per Minute, Millilitres per Second.

Flow (Mass): Grams per Hour, Grams per Minute, Grams per Second, Kilograms per Hour, Kilograms per Minute, Kilograms per Second, Ounces per Hour, Ounces per Minute, Ounces per Second, Pounds per Hour, Pounds per Minute, Pounds per Second, Slugs per Hour, Slugs per Minute, Slugs per Second.

Torque: Dyne Centimetres, Gram Centimetres, Kilogram Metres, Nanonewton Metres, Nanonewton Microns, Newton Centimetres, Newton Metres, Newton Microns, Ounce Inches, Pound Feet, Pound Inches, Poundal Feet, Ton (Long) Feet, Ton (Short) Feet, Tonne Metres.

Radioactivity: Becquerels, Curies, Gigabecquerels, Kilobecquerels, Megabecquerels, Microcuries, Millicuries, Rutherfords.

Radiation Absorption: Grays, Micrograys, Microrads, Milligrays, Millirads, Rads.

Radiation Dose: Microrems, Microsieverts, Millirems, Millisieverts, Rems, Sieverts.

Angle: Angular Mils, Binary Degrees, Binary Radians (Brads), Centiturns, Circles, Degrees, Degrees / Minutes, Degrees / Minutes / Seconds, Grade (%), Grade (per mil), Grads, Microdegrees, Microradians, Millidegrees, Milliradians, Milliturns, Minutes, Nanoradians, Points, Quadrants, Radians, Rise Ratio, Seconds, Semicircles, Turns.

Quantity: Billions, Braces, Centuries, Couples, Crore, Doubles, Dozens, Dozens (Baker's), Dozens (Metric), Great Gross, Great Hundreds, Gross, Half Centuries, Hundreds, Lakh, Millions, Myriads, Pairs, Quadrillions, Scores, Small Gross, Thousands, Trebles, Trillions, Triples, Units.

Illumination (Brightness): Foot-Candles, Kilolux, Lumens per Sq Centimetre, Lumens per Sq Foot, Lumens per Sq Metre, Lux, Metre-Candles, Millilux, MilliPhots, Noon-Day Sun Brightness, Nox, Phots.

Luminous Intensity: Bougies (Decimal), Candelas, Candles (International), Carcels, Hefner Units, Kilocandelas, Lumens per Steradian, Millicandelas, Violle.

Luminance: Apostilbs, Candelas per Sq Centimetre, Candelas per Sq Foot, Candelas per Sq Metre, Foot-Lamberts, Lamberts, Millilamberts, Nits, Stilbs.

Luminous Flux: Candela Steradians, Candle Power (Spherical), Kilolumens, Lumens, Millilumens.

Angular Velocity: Degrees per Hour, Degrees per Microsecond, Degrees per Millisecond, Degrees per Minute, Degrees per Second, Radians per Hour, Radians per Microsecond, Radians per Millisecond, Radians per Minute, Radians per Second, Revolutions per Hour, Revolutions per Minute, Revolutions per Second, RPMs.

Angular Acceleration: Degrees per Second Squared, Radians per Second Squared, Revolutions per Second Squared, RPM per Second.

Density: Earth Densities, Grams per Cubic Centimetre, Grams per Cubic Metre, Grams per Litre, Jupiter Densities, Kilograms per Cubic Centimetre, Kilograms per Cubic Metre, Kilograms per Litre, Luna Densities, Mars Densities, Mercury Densities, Milligrams per Decilitre, Milligrams per Litre, Neptune Densities, Ounces per Cubic Foot, Ounces per Cubic Inch, Ounces per Gallon (UK), Ounces per Gallon (US), Picograms per Cubic Micron, Plasmatic Glucose (mmol/l), Pounds per Cubic Foot, Pounds per Cubic Inch, Pounds per Gallon (UK), Pounds per Gallon (US), ppm, Saturn Densities, Solar Densities, Uranus Densities, Venus Densities.

Time: Centuries (36000 days), Centuries (36400 days), Centuries (36500 days), Centuries (Gregorian), Centuries (Julian), Centuries (Sidereal), Centuries (Tropical), Days, Days (Sidereal - Jupiter), Days (Sidereal - Luna), Days (Sidereal - Mars), Days (Sidereal - Mercury), Days (Sidereal - Neptune), Days (Sidereal - Saturn), Days (Sidereal - Sun), Days (Sidereal - Uranus), Days (Sidereal - Venus), Days (Sidereal), Days (Solar - Jupiter), Days (Solar - Luna), Days (Solar - Mars)(Sols), Days (Solar - Mercury), Days (Solar - Neptune), Days (Solar - Saturn), Days (Solar - Uranus), Days (Solar - Venus), Days / Hours / Minutes / Seconds, Decades (3600 days), Decades (3640 days), Decades (3650 days), Decades (Gregorian), Decades (Julian), Decades (Sidereal), Decades (Tropical), Femtoesconds, Fortnights, Gigaseconds, Hours, Hours / Minutes, Hours / Minutes / Seconds, Kiloseconds, Lunations, Megaseconds, Microseconds, Milliseconds, Minutes, Minutes / Seconds, Months (28 days), Months (30 days), Months (Lunar), Months (Sidereal), Months (Synodic), Nanoseconds, Picoseconds, Seconds, Weeks, Years (360 days), Years (364 days), Years (365 days), Years (Gregorian), Years (Julian), Years (Lunar), Years (Sidereal - Jupiter), Years (Sidereal - Mars), Years (Sidereal - Mercury), Years (Sidereal - Neptune), Years (Sidereal - Saturn), Years (Sidereal - Uranus), Years (Sidereal - Venus), Years (Sidereal), Years (Tropical).

Computer Storage: Bits, Blocks, Bytes, Exabits (10), Exabits (2), Exabytes (10), Exabytes (2), Exbibits, Exbibytes, Gibibits, Gibibytes, Gigabits (10), Gigabits (2), Gigabytes (10), Gigabytes (2), Kibibits, Kibibytes, Kilobits (10), Kilobits (2), Kilobytes (10), Kilobytes (2), Mebibits, Mebibytes, Megabits (10), Megabits (2), Megabytes (10), Megabytes (2), Minutes (Audio CD), Nibbles, Octets, Pebibits, Pebibytes, Petabits (10), Petabits (2), Petabytes (10), Petabytes (2), Tebibits, Tebibytes, Terabits (10), Terabits (2), Terabytes (10), Terabytes (2).

Data Rate: Baud, Bits per Hour, Bits per Minute, Bits per Second, Bytes per Hour, Bytes per Minute, Bytes per Second, Gigabits per Hour, Gigabits per Minute, Gigabits per Second, Gigabytes per Hour, Gigabytes per Minute, Gigabytes per Second, Kilobits per Hour, Kilobits per Minute, Kilobits per Second, Kilobytes per Hour, Kilobytes per Minute, Kilobytes per Second, Megabits per Hour, Megabits per Minute, Megabits per Second, Megabytes per Hour, Megabytes per Minute, Megabytes per Second, Terabits per Hour, Terabits per Minute, Terabits per Second, Terabytes per Hour, Terabytes per Minute, Terabytes per Second.

Viscosity (Dynamic): Centipoises, Dyne Seconds per Square Centimetre, Gram Seconds per Square Centimetre, Kilogram Seconds per Square Metre, Pascal Seconds, Poises, Poiseuilles, Pound Seconds per Square Foot, Pound Seconds per Square Inch, PSI Seconds, Reynolds.

Viscosity (Kinematic): Centistokes, Square Centimetres per Second, Square Feet per Second, Square Metres per Second, Stokes.

Electric Charge: Abcoulombs, Ampere Hours, Ampere Minutes, Ampere Seconds, Coulombs, Coulombs (International), Electromagnetic Unit of Charge, Electrostatic Unit of Charge, Elementary Charges, Farad Volts, Faradays, Franklins, Gigacoulombs, Kilocoulombs, Megacoulombs, Microcoulombs, Milliamp Hours (mAh), Milliamp Seconds (mAs), Millicoulombs, Nanocoulombs, Statcoulombs.

Electric Current: Abamperes, Amperes, Amperes (International), Biots, Coulombs per Hour, Coulombs per Minute, Coulombs per Second, Electromagnetic Unit of Current, Electrostatic Unit of Current, Gigaamperes, Gilberts, Kiloamperes, Megaamperes, Microamperes, Milliamperes, Nanoamperes, Statamperes.

Magnetic Flux: Joules Per Ampere, Kilolines, Lines, Maxwells, Megalines, Microwebers, Milliwebers, Volt Seconds, Webers.

Magnetic Flux Density: Gammas, Gauss, Lines Per Square Inch, Maxwells Per Square Inch, Microteslas, Milliteslas, Nanoteslas, Teslas, Webers Per Square Centimetre, Webers Per Square Metre.

Thermal Conductivity: Calories (IT) per Second per Centimetre Celsius, Calories (Th) per Second per Centimetre Celsius, Kilocalories (IT) per Second per Centimetre Celsius, Kilocalories (Th) per Second per Centimetre Celsius, Kilowatts per Centimetre Celsius, Kilowatts per Metre Kelvin, Watts per Centimetre Celsius, Watts per Foot Fahrenheit, Watts per Inch Fahrenheit, Watts per Metre Kelvin.

Magnetic Field Strength: Amperes per Centimetre, Amperes per Metre, Gilberts per Centimetre, Gilberts per Metre, Oersteds.

Solid Angle: Centisteradians, Hemispheres, Millisteradians, Spats, Spheres, Square Degrees, Steradians.

Specific Energy: British Thermal Units (39F) per Pound, British Thermal Units (59F) per Pound, British Thermal Units (60F) per Pound, British Thermal Units (IT) per Pound, British Thermal Units (Mean) per Pound, British Thermal Units (Thermo-Chemical) per Pound, Joules per Kilogram, Kilocalories (15C) per Gram, Kilocalories (20C) per Gram, Kilocalories (IT) per Gram, Kilocalories (Mean) per Gram, Kilocalories (Thermo-Chemical) per Gram, Kilojoules per Kilogram, Kilowatt Hours per Kilogram, Megajoules per Kilogram, Watt Hours per Kilogram.

Electrical Resistance: Abohms, Gigaohms, Kiloohms, Megaohms, Microohms, Milliohms, Nanoohms, Ohms, Ohms (International), Statohms.

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