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Our Financial Calculator for Windows

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This product contains zero spyware

The Registered version is different to the Trial version - Registered Users need to download from the Registered Users page.

A Portable Version for use on Removable/Portable Hard Drives is available for download from the Registered Users page.

ESBFinCalc Pro IconESBFinCalc™ Pro Trial v1.2.0 zip (3,067 kb)  rar (3,058 kb) - 4 Oct 2016 - ESBFinCalc Pro is a Financial Calculator that aims to provide a sophisticated yet easy to use tool to perform Financial Calculations including Simple Interest, Compound Interest, Investments, Loans, Annuities, Depreciation, Coupon Dates and other features. Supports full Precedence, Logging of Results, Clipboard Support, Integrated Help, and much more. For those who don't like Precedence of Operators, that can also be turned off.

What's New in v1.2.0 : zip or txt.
Note: We are working on v2 (free upgrade for registered owners), but have released this update to address a few issues and to allow better support under Windows 8 and 10.

Limitations of Trial: Nag screen reminding only 20 executions, printing is disabled, checking for updates is disabled, does not include electronic documentation nor the PDF designed for producing printed documentation.

Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 and above, and Windows Server 2008, Windows Server 2012 and above.

Screenshot of ESBFinCalc Pro

Screenshot of ESBFinCalc Pro

Screenshot of ESBFinCalc Pro

Screenshot of ESBFinCalc Pro

Screen Shots of how ESBFinCalc Pro looks under Windows 10. Any Dates are display in Australian DD/MM/YYYY format. ESBFinCalc Pro will use your Regional Settings for Dates.

Disclaimer: Whilst we have endeavoured to ensure our calculations are accurate, there are many variations to the calculations included - and regulations associated with some of the calculations differ between Countries and States within Countries - so please be aware of this and do not treat this product as a replacement for professional Financial Advice.

You only need to register once - all upgrades are free for the life of the product - so purchase now.

You may also want to consider the ESBCalc Pro Suite - with this you get all the ESB Calculators and Unit Conversion Utilities, including new ones as they are added to the suite, and once again registration is only needed once. Note: price of the Suite will increase as more Calculators are added but this will not affect registered users.

ESBSmallCalc 10.1 Screen Shot

ESBSmallCalc 10.1 on Windows 11

Registered Users also get ESBSmallCalc

ESBFinCalc™ Pro Trial v1.2.0 without install zip (3,431 kb)  rar (2,761 kb) - 4 Oct 2016- Same as above but without the Install/Uninstall, just has the files in a zip or rar archive.

Grab WinRAR

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