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This product contains zero spyware

The Registered version is different to the Trial version - Registered Users need to download from the Registered Users page.

A Portable Version for use on Removable/Portable Hard Drives is available for download from the Registered Users page.

Screenshot of ESBCalc Pro    Screenshot of ESBCalc Pro with inv button pressed

Screen Shot is how ESBCalc Pro looks under Windows 11. 2nd Shot is with the Inv button pressed.

ESBCalc Pro IconESBCalc™ Pro Trial v10.4 zip (4,293 kb)  rar (4,256 kb) - 6 Jan 2023 - ESBCalc Pro is an Enhanced Scientific Calculator for Windows Platforms with Infix Notation, Full Exponential Notation support, Brackets, Scientific Functions (Trigonometric, Hyperbolic, Logarithmic - including Base 10, Base 2 & Natural - plus more), Memory, Paper Trail, Result History List, Heaps of Constants, User-defined Constants and Integrated Help. Also includes Floating Decimal Point, Lakh Formatting, Paper Trail Comments and many other enhancements to the User Interface and Calculator Engine. You can also do Descriptive Statistics, Days between Dates, Degrees/Minutes/Seconds entering, Hexadecimal/Decimal Conversions and Fraction/Decimal Conversions. For those who don't like Precedence of Operators, that can also be turned off as ESBCalc Pro is highly configurable.

What's New in v10.4 : zip or rar or txt

ESBCalc™ Pro Trial v10.4 without install zip (4,275 kb)  rar (3,520 kb) - 6 Jan 2023 - Same as above but without the Install/Uninstall, just has the files in a zip or rar archive.

Limitations of Trial: Nag screen reminding only 20 executions, printing is disabled, checking for updates is disabled, does not include electronic documentation nor the PDF designed for producing printed documentation.

Designed for Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows 11 and above, and Windows Server 2012, Windows Server 2016, Windows Server 2019, Windows Server 2022 and above.

Still works on Works on Windows XP, Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008.

The visual appearance of ESBCalc Pro has been optimised for Windows 10 and above.

You only need to register once - all upgrades are free for the life of the product - so purchase now.

You may also want to consider the ESBCalc Pro Suite - with this you get all the ESB Calculators and Unit Conversion Utilities, including new ones as they are added to the suite, and once again registration is only needed once. Note: price of the Suite will increase as more Calculators are added but this will not affect registered users.

ESBSmallCalc 10.1 Screen Shot

ESBSmallCalc 10.1 on Windows 11

Registered Users also get ESBSmallCalc

ESBCalc Pro Options

Screen Shot of ESBCalc Pro Options

ESBCalc Pro Statistics

Screen Shot of ESBCalc Pro Descriptive Statistics

ESBCalc Pro Time between dates and times

Screen Shot of ESBCalc Pro Time between Dates and Times

Grab WinRAR

More Screen Shots

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