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Features are based on those for v2.2.0

  • Single, Dual (paired and unpaired) and Multiple Data Analysis.

  • Data can be either for Sample or Population.

  • Data can be Time Based for Time Series Analysis.

  • Data can be entered as Raw Data, Grouped Data, or as Summary Data.

  • Raw Data can be converted into Grouped Data.

  • Raw Data can have in-built Transformations applied to them.

  • Raw Data can have Random values meeting user defined criteria.

  • Data can be fully documented and stored in DataLists.

  • Standardisation of Data around given mean/standard deviation.

  • DataLists are grouped together in Workbooks - one Workbook is opened at a time and can contain many DataLists.

  • Sample Size calculations.

  • Random Value Lists for Sampling.

  • Statistical Summary including: mean, median, mode, variance, standard deviation, kurtosis, skew, etc.

  • Comparison of Statistics for Raw and Grouped of the same Data.

  • Graphs and Charts including: Histograms, Line Graphs, Pie Graphs, Ogives, Scatter Diagrams, Rootograms, Bar Charts and more.

  • Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of a Single Population - including the Mean, the Variance and Proportions.

  • Inference and Hypothesis Analysis of Two Populations - including Difference of the Mean, Ratio of the Variance, Difference of Proportions.

  • Analysis of Variance (ANOVA).

  • Linear Regression with Transformations of the dependent variable.

  • Multiple Regression with Transformations of the dependent variables.

  • Moving Averages.

  • Trend Analysis of Time Series Data.

  • Data Import and Export to Text including Comma Delimited, Tab Delimited and Fixed Position.

  • Data Import and Export to Excel Worksheets - requires MS Excel 97 or later.

  • Data Import from DBF.

  • Saving of Summaries to RTF.

  • Sophisticated Reporting with Previewing and exporting to PDF, HTML, RTF, etc.

  • Integrated Calculator and Calendar.

  • Live Spell Check similar to that in MS Word.

  • Fully Integrated Help.

  • Tutorial.

Registered Version Additional Features are based on those for v2.2.0

  • Trial Version does not have printing enabled and it can only be used 20 times - these limitations do not exist in the registered version.

  • Electronic Documentation that is easy to read and search through on your Desktop.

  • PDF Documentation designed for printing if you would like a hard copy.

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