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The ESBPCS Installer is used to take the ESBPCS Source Code and build the Packages and install them (and the help) into your IDE.

When purchasing the Full Version of ESBPCS for VCL, you also get the full source code to the installer, thus allowing you to develop your own installer.

ESBPCS Installer

Language Support

The Installer allows you to choose which Resource Strings are used in Building from the ESBPCS for VCL Source.

By default, English International is used. But if you would prefer to see 'meters' rather than 'metres' in your Unit Conversions and other language changes, then you should choose English US. Whilst we have provided English International and English US, the following people have helped add even more options:

  • Chinese Simplified Translation done by -=XARA=-

  • Czech Translation (partial) done by Miloslav Skácel

  • Danish Translation (partial) done by Lars C. Svane

  • Finnish Translation (partial) by Pentti Pohjonen

  • French Translation (partial) done by S. Ben

  • German Translation (partial) done by Christian Lauer

  • Norwegian Translation (partial) done by Kai Bohli

  • Polish Translation (partial) done by Tomasz Trejderowsk

  • Portuguese (Brazilian) Translation done by Bruno Sonnino & Carlos Tré

  • Russian Translation (partial) done by Vilis Eglitis

  • Spanish Translation (partial) by Germán A.Gonzáles

  • Swedish Translation (partial) by Pentti Pohjonen

Let us know if you would be interested in helping with other languages.

Note: Where a translation has yet to be done, the English International string is used.

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