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Products and companies mentioned below are involved in close relationship with ours, and we believe make a valuable edition to your development library. Clicking on the link take you to their website.

Companies below offer Discounts to Registered Users of ESBPCS for VCL, and we offer discounts on ESBPCS for VCL to their customers.

TMS Software - supply an Excellent String Grid replacement and many other useful components. We have, in conjunction with TMS Software developed add-ons for their Grids and Inspectors.

Addict Spell Check & Thesaurus - give your Application that professional look and feel by adding Professional Spell Checking and/or a Thesaurus.

BS/1 - easily add full Accounting System to your application.

PlusMemo - an excellent Memo replacement that not only gives Live Spell (like MS Word) with Addict Spell Check but also supplies many other useful features.

glyFX - well-designed Glyphs, Banners, Icons, etc that give your Application and your Website a professional look.

LMD-Tools - a phenomenal suite of components that allows you to give your application a specialised look and feel, whilst maintaining flexibility. Highly recommended as a complement to ESBPCS for VCL.

We also have a close working relationship with the following Companies and recommend their products to ESBPCS Customers.

EC Software - producers of Help & Manual as well as excellent Free Delphi Help Components and Help Tutorials. We use Help & Manual for the additional documentation in ESBPCS for VCL.

FinalBuilder - we use and recommend FinalBuilder, it is an excellent tool for automating builds.

wpCubed GmbH - WPTools adds full features as seen in most modern Word Processing Applications to your Application and when used with Addict you get Live Spell Checking. Also check out their PDF-related products.

Gnostice Information Technologies - if you would like PDF, RTF and heaps of different outputs or want sophisticated Electronic Document Management or want to develop and manipulate PDF Files then check out their software.

ProDelphi - recommended addition to every Delphi Developer's utility collection, this Profiler is available as both Freeware & a Professional edition

Pascal Analyzer - help track down issues in your code. Also an excellent tool to help analyse code inherited from other developers.

AJC Software - AJC Active Backup is a must have for all developers. They also supply other fine tools sich as their AJC Directory Synchronizer, AJC Grep and AJC Diff.

Devart - we have been using their UniDAC for sometime now and are really happy with them and the support received. A more recent product, that is worth a look is their EntityDAC which supplies Delphi Developers with an Object Relational Mapping (ORM) with LINQ support - plus they are currently offering ESBPCS for VCL owners a discount on this!

We also like to promote the following products that we use and recommend.

Inno Setup - is used for the various Installs in ESBPCS for VCL.

HyperSnap-DX - is used for Screen Captures used in the Documentation and on this site.

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